OPEN LETTER (Creative Revenge)



I hope you’re happy now. I hope you feel satisfied knowing you have trampled someone’s self-esteem causing permanent, irreversible damage. I hope you feel content and fulfilled knowing that I would forever be trapped by trust issues, rattling of cold depression and pricks of anxiety torturing me internally, externally. I hope you’re happy now seeing the effect your attention hogging megalomania has upon me.

Let bygones be bygones well bull to that. The damage has been done, the scars deeply, permanently etched on my skin, tattooed on my soul. There’s no erasing that! There’s no filling it in. I’m but a hollow void that can never be filled. Forever afraid. Forever in the dark. Forever unknown.

No matter. I shall exact my revenge, which, however, shall be creative. Every teardrop is a poem resonating and waiting to be read, waiting to spread influence and expose hurt. No it’s not playing victim.

It’s telling the truth.



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