another spontaneous combustion of words


ah here it begins another day to wear a mask but I don’t feel as festive as these do with their stretched grins, squinting eyes, sweat laden, reddening, munchkin faces first of the many “I missed you” of the 10 months that feel like centuries, the insolence bubbling beneath benevolent faces of mannequin like mentors spewing exaggerated greetings to catch a story in their web and shatter to shreds, I feel I have inured myself to the inane phoniness of all book, pen, board buildings that claim quality and success rotting faster than a stilo’s contents. No, I would not speak I crave my distance as people yet again tread towards iron benches, arms outstretched warn you I must, an electric force field I posses!

There ebullient children take snapshot pictures of their group after talking all summer, I remain unmoved with my book this is all the company I’m after. Hours into the day I start weeping as the population was unnerving I’d love to go home and be a shut in hermit. It’s not that I hate studying but I can’t stand company




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