Candy in a closet cabinet.

I can’t fathom how my thoughts have arrived at this island of confounding distress. I don’t even know when it first crossed my mind to even come here. All I see are mists, every horizon has smoky clusters of fog coalescing to obscure clarity while oddities and crimson pictures appear mentally, assaulting me rapidly.

Shivering hands and quivering lips, I look straight at the mirror, eyes daring fast at the medicine cabinet.

How long? How long have you been residing in the deep recesses of my thought cave? appearing when nervous skin and shattered heart beckon set you free!

How long have you been present? telling me only when my vision darkens, my hearing falters and all thought process weakens?

Why do you manifest yourself in festivity?

Why is your darkness’ ruling hours mostly in times of merriment and camaraderie must you shove me into a dungeon? Provide me a window to the world, looking out with misty, glassy eyes whilst I remain hostage to this sinister corruption game>

Do you take sick pride, feel a sense of dominion, uniqueness, specialty, privilege when you turn on the gloom and your virus spreads throughout a poor soul?

Your coldness cool?

Your languor swagger?

No, no, you aren’t a ruse

I had you at ten years old

A decade later, you’re still around

The only friend I’ve ever found

And now you call me, you call for my hands to do a most pitiful deed, a most remorseful irreversible act of escape.

My ticket in a medicine cabinet.

Nothing matters, so go forth. I shall be devoid of all feeling when I land in the cotton beds, floating in nothingness, illumination fading from my squinting eyes.

Should I say a heartfelt farewell?

Oh bother not! Nobody would lend reading eye or time berating you with accusations of dramatics, of crowd hoarding, scoffs of ignorance will flood the sepulchre instead of cries of regret-better keep mum like you always do.

Reach into that medicine cabinet and get your magic treats.

You’ve died in their eyes, even as you lived.






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