I’m going to be candid

Time waits not for euphemisms and humble wordings.

I want to be known as a

Brilliant writer

Whose poems are read with tears

Falling for the

Perfect melodic rhyme

And impeccable concepts

And stories melting

Their bland wallpapers of reality adding on a fresh new coat of the fantastic.

I want to be a little dancer

Twirling, splitting, twisting and jumping

On wooden stage littered with rose petals

Commanding awe as my moves and

Presence command the audience.

I dreamed of being a

World shaking activist

To march camouflage grey

And red highway clogged

I raging against the dictator

Mass kill machine

Picket signs painted color

Of punk defiance


With legions of liberals who refuse

To be subjected to misogyny, homophobia, racism, animal cruelty, environmental injustice, artistic censorhip, what have you!

I the leader of the biggest uprising before canyons and ,ilitary trucks like

Tiananmen square

Before legions of brainwashed, micro-chipped sheep of megalomaniac fanfare

I want to be the artist

With da vinci ingenuity

Michaelangelo precision

And van gogh strokes

Atheistic aesthete whose unconventional works make believers kneel as art is the new god!!!

“can we display it at the basilica?”

“sure, figure it out first.”

Hidden symbols of my religious defiance

And sabotage painted intricately

The kind of legendary act I want to create

Is the one to last for ages

In memories and tourist places

Tis but a dream

In desolate state

All I do is stare

As cushion eats me whole

And all hope proves volatile

Last candy in the tube

Last bat of an eyelash

All dreams carried on to other life

Another plane.

All dreams never to come true

Lived out by separate lives

Exactly the way I wanted to live mine



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