Hello, 3rd. We’ve been anticipating you! We’ve been waiting for your doors to fling open and usher us into a brand new month. A brand new setting, a brand new era. Third, you’ve come to us bringing a large blanket of velveteen midnight that would reign over us in what would soon feel like a millennia, never content to hover but suffocate us, obscuring all sight, leaving not even a scintilla of tintinnabulation in the horizon which proved itself lasting erstwhile. Third, you are the feet that kicked the barrel and the bottles. You are the oral whip of lasciviousness which would prove no match for my thick skin. So I hope you see that though you think me blinded, you think me submissive but don’t underestimate my power to tear through the wool coating, throw it up in the air in bloody revolt, revealing my inner wolf.



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