well i woke up paranoid
to the dream of being attacked
by rotund woman wielding
knife before me
eyes jolting open in a nervous
hyperventilating feat
three hours into the
day, i still hyperventilate
my ideas in shatters
scattered, dispersed
over and across the
vast plain of thought
my heart, be still
don’t launch yourself into
a palpitating fit
the shadow of a doubt
that follows me around
keeps telling me that
something has gone
should i listen?
you’re my gutfeel
you must not be deceiving me
the magnanimous amount
of paranoid ideas
demon of paranoia’s been
giving me is unforgiving
do i dare listen to brain
on caffeine/
do i dare quit you
o most revered medicinal drink
without i cease to think
without you my cranium
is a carousel
with you i become batshit
phantom whispers coming
telling me that something
is ticking
a vein pulsating within
pumping fear throughout my veins
an overdose of
killing me

-achalcyon “imprisoned, stabbed”


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