How fast time flies

Just a year ago I was starting to get

Mesmerized by your dark eyes, darkened by solemn times

And happiness fluttering away like butterflies

I saw through your irises, past iridescent visions

Your descent into madness apparent even as you were silent

I heard tortured screams and tumultuous dreams

All in your face, once a work of art, shattered like hopeful heart of yours

So abstract and childish

Misunderstood and undermined

Commercial clamour made you lose your mind.

Your faith

Your passion

In something you held so dear

Abandoning it completely

Rejecting and forgetting

Settling for a lonely life as a hermit

I recall knocking on your door, rapping on and on

Only to peer thru the window and find you lying on the floor

Cold, alone, and helpless like you always were

On this day I recall when your mysterious enigma

Shone and blinded me

Only for me to realize

It had all run out

And I had been too late



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