This morning I saw the sun shine the brightest it has shone

And instantly, upon rays touching me

I felt elated like I was afloat

Hence this ecstatic episode of enthusiasm

Carried on with light, feather feet

Sun on yellow blue expanse, merging with the sky’s hues

Started to weaken the beams covered by grey, angry clouds

Rumbles of thunder, the heavens drumming the ominous

Atmospheric percussions signalling

The pour of cloudy tears like rain

My happiness proved fugacious! Vanished!

The grey descended past the clouds and embraced, cloaked me whole

Missing not as spot as it rolled me in gloom.

Light, feathery feet weighed down suddenly, transformed magically into iron bars

I could not stand, slumped I was lying motionless on the ground

Tears simultaneously coursing down

Like the rain storming, attacking like falling daggers from the clouds

The queries marching by oh why must I feel the constant seesaw?

When shall equilibrium settle upon me?

This curse that has befallen me, burdened me since youthful salad days

No cure in sight but to teeter totter with the ride

No help sounding off but the creaking of its nuts and bolts

No other option but to allow myself to

Drift with unpredictable tides, maybe waiting for the time when it totally disappears

And eats me alive



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