Poet, singer of the soundless

Poet, photographer with eyes for film and words for polaroids

Poet, dancing with metaphors chasing lyrical romanticisms

Poet, owl of tepid, insomniac affogato nights.

Poet, traveller of the mind without fare, without car, without destination.

Poet, sketch artist of heartbreaks and painter of realities colored the rainbow fantasies.

Poet, mightier than sacrificial lamb all endured for art’s sake.

Poet, forgotten, unheard the words in violently silent attention grabbing protest.

Poet, overlooked dismissed as typical listless, languid, vain, indifferent youth.

Poet, scourge of fascist leaders and uptight believers fearful their sins would drip and ooze in literary masterpieces proliferating in the air like a pigpen full of shit.

Poet, protesters from home, marching neurons and rallying arteries.

Poet, lover or jilter both written in journal or squealed in novels.

Poet, ever tortured by monstrous society, her Mr. Hyde personality, and evil editors.

Poet, honest commercial snob, hated by sheepish lovesick hoards.

Poet, craving introversion whose extroversion leads to her eventual personality erosion.

Poet, whose common man looks make him one with beggar, a lot like beggar, attuned to sufferings and poverty of beggar.

Poet, whose creativity is a middle finger to conformity impressed by repressive institution.

Poet who romances absinthe and fucks amphetamines

Poet, who is best friends with hardbounds and lives in libraries.

Poet, defeated by sins

Poet, known and acknowledged posthumously

Poet, rotting under chocolate mud, a feast for the maggots

Poet who lived and worked with sin.

Write for us.



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