Sad now that you’ve occurred in my memory again

That a year ago our hearts were in perfect synchronization and now the beat is no longer in unison

We march to separate cadences.

Pitiful that now you’ve strolled in my brain, digging up golden memories of ours I’ve stored away and buried under.

Recounting your martyrdom, holding rose that promised petals giving thorns mostly, me telling you to drop toxic, stabbing flower, lovesick you clinging on as delicate artisan hands of yours drip with blood.

Recalling how ice froze our waters, chilling me with your iciness your silence a stealthy dagger going right through me without you doing anything.

Reminding that you needn’t speak to get your intentions across. You were too proud to let me know that you still held on to the rose, that it’s making you bleed and you know it. You just hate to admit it so you turn away and ignore me like our friendship never did exist.

Sad now that you’ve occurred to me but logically there’s no reason for my despondency. People come and go so we just have to move on. clearly he meant to you what a diamond would to a pauper and there’s awfully little I can do if you decide to shut your ears at me and remain trampled, voiceless and mute under your knight in shining armor who has proven himself the true adversary.

Sad now, but some people don’t deserve to remain. They’re the ones who never wanted to stay.



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