That’s an order

The AC unit is grumbling

In anger

Hear the thumping of the stray cats

Loud enough to convince you they’re


Or a man possessed by ted bundy

Out and up to grab ya

Everything’s more apparent

When it’s silent

Again, stronger.


Drown everything out

No bed creaks

No ac unit grunts

No sex partner snores

No masturbation groans

No leaping felines

No neighbours being hacked to pieces nearby

Complete, utter silence

Listen to your heart pound

Feel it pound faster

As you become more aware

Move to your mind

Feel your mind plunge into

The deep abyss of strange thoughts

Down into the seabeds of it

Watch as your thoughts disperse

And serenity blankets

Your hear nothing but the loudness

Of your consciousness

And the sound of silence



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