Bob Dylan





Turn, turn, turn goes the record on the turntable

And I watch with weary eyes its constant motion

The record plays on and the harmonica

Opens the song

While I sit, in a daze watching the urban landscapes

In seeming anticipation of someone and no one in particular

Whilst feeling your own existence ceasing

The record is flipped and on comes the song

Telling you to go away from my window

And leave at your own chosen speed.

Then I remember you suddenly and reality

Smacked me in the face

Since I’m not the one you want, babe

Neither am I the one you need.

They say that if what you feel is true then you shouldn’t

Think twice

But it’s alright, I’ve thought about you a couple or more times

So maybe this is just a passing sensation

Something that’ll eventually blow in the wind

But how many times can you turn the other cheek

And pretend that you don’t see me?

Shit, I better start swimming away from the current

Of overwhelming emotions before I sink like a stone

But oh, the times have changed and will be changing

So maybe infatuation can do the same but the record goes on

As life moves along

So maybe we’ll go our separate ways without a word

In a week or so

You go on with your life

And I’ll roll on like a stone

With no direction

Because I’ve made your presence my home.


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