pretty baby

pretty baby

look what you’ve done

showed yourself a mastermind

when we thought you were a doll

charade is up the cat’s crawled out

the light has emanated through

your brokenness shows


pretty baby

you held us all

played us like puppets on your strings

for your little show

now the strings have snapped, now we’re free

you’re just as fragile as we believed


pretty baby

of the pale skin

drained of blood was she

when out sprouted her

secret luscious reveries

not as innocent as she seems

but still trembles with fear


pretty baby

after all the shoulders to lean

and the buckets to catch your tears

the towels lent to weep

now we get it

it was all just a magic trick


pretty baby

your time is up

you’re no longer fooling anyone

when all’s been said

and we’ve seen what’d been done

you’re just a sad little someone

with a lot of time in her hands

to put up the grandest failure of an act


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