PRODUCT REVIEW: Yogurt Hotdogs

I didn’t really think it was possible before for yogurt and meat to exist in the same sentence except for when it is being used as a dip (and from what I remember yogurt is used as a dressing and a dip for some flatbreads but my food history is sketchy, so don’t trust me.) but when I saw the Yogurt Hotdog, being a fan of both yogurt and hotdogs, I immediately bought it wanting to give it a try since I am after trying new things, especially food items I’ve never eaten before.

Okay, I admit it. I jumped at the notion of buying it because I saw it was ‘healthy’ and thought it a better alternative to the usual hotdog, which is in a way correct since it is made with chicken meat instead of red meat and has 25% less fat, zero trans fat and no preservatives (I’m a bit doubtful about this). I didn’t buy it for health reasons because I am not a health junkie nor do I believe that it has the ability to alleviate health problems brought about by food, rather, I bought it because it’s very intriguing and catchy to the eyes.

Now for the review. But first, here’s a picture you guys can ‘picture’ it better.


Taste wise it was pretty sour, but what did I expect? Yogurt is sour unless it’s flavored then it only becomes mildly sour. Actually while I was eating it I wasn’t quite sure what it tasted like, if it was salty or sour (maybe both?). It’s pretty interesting, the first three bites but eat three more and you’re bound to have a sour yogurt overload that’ll make you want to eat it with ketchup or some dip of some sort (I highly recommend Cheez Whiz with this).

Texture wise it did look and feel like a veal sausage, the ones that I used to eat at hotel buffets. It was that white and that smooth-looking but of course, since veal is fattier than chicken, it naturally is more flavorful.

Overall, I would recommend this if you’re the health nut type but beware the sour taste. It won’t taste like your ordinary hotdog EVEN if you fry it. Regardless of cooking method the texture and taste stay the same. Don’t eat more than three at a time and you’ll actually get to appreciate it

(ps. i stupidly ignored the serving size. )


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